Incorporate CBD into your Active Lifestyle

You’re probably looking at the title and thinking, “CBD and Mountain Biking? Really?”

Yes, Really! They blend perfectly like peanut butter and jelly. Think about it, CBD is an all-natural anti-inflammatory that works to keep your body operating at an optimum level during physical activity or daily routine. Whereas mountain biking can be a strenuous activity known to cause pain or injury.

When you participate in any physical activity, you are building up inflammation and lactic acid. Once the activity is done, you resort to your post-exercise routine to get yourself back to feeling recovered. Unfortunately, you start to feel the soreness lingering in your body for the next few days and it drags your energy down, am I right?

I picked up mountain biking in 2019 and have since fallen in love. I have traveled around to many different trails throughout Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. It is truly beautiful when you finish a climb and get to soak in the views that Mother Earth provides for us. The only downside is how tired you feel the next day and the soreness and pain you will endure the following days after.

You don’t think about it during the time, but flying down the trail hitting jumps, climbing rocks, and taking sharp turns puts some impact on your body. Your knees bang against your frame, you slipped a pedal and caught your shin, you slammed your cranks into a rock, or you hit a jump and went over the bars. Whatever the case is, there is plenty you can do on a bike that will cause pain or worse, injury. With new forms of pain management available today, you won’t have to spend days upon weeks trying to heal up.

From personal experience, I can tell you that CBD has been a game-changer in keeping my body feeling refreshed after a long ride. I was introduced to CBD a few years ago and since then it has given me a new outlook on pain management alternatives.

I have been active all my life playing organized sports, riding bicycles, and skateboards, but I haven’t been able to find a formula that keeps my soreness and inflammation down. Drinking pre-workouts, eating energy bars, and watching my nutrition could only do so much to help me maintain high energy levels and decrease inflammation throughout my body.

CBD was my solution. When I first started using CBD, I was using a CBD topical and rubbing it on my back, knees, and shoulders. What I noticed was that it helped to dull away the pain so I can complete my workout with minimal pain. For those who are unfamiliar, A CBD topical is a product infused with CBD oil that you apply to an area on your body that is experiencing aches or soreness.

From there, I incorporated a Water-Soluble CBD tincture into my post-ride routine. For those curious, Water-Soluble CBD allows you to absorb the CBD at a much more efficient rate than Oil-Soluble CBD options. Therefore, you get a much better result using less. I would take a half dropper of the tincture right after I was done with a ride and once again the following morning after I had breakfast.

It helped to reduce my recovery time by a day or two and kept me feeling refreshed and focused for the day ahead. I could truly feel the difference in energy as well as how my body was feeling the more consistently that I was taking the CBD tincture.

Whether you are riding for leisure or working to achieve weight loss goals, endurance goals, or even compete in a Downhill, Enduro, or Cross-Country race, look towards CBD to be your solution to you keep you on the bike longer, and keep your body feeling much stronger.

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