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You’ve probably heard everyone from celebrity podcasters to your next-door neighbor extolling the wonders of CBD oil, the supplement that gives you all the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive THC. Since it’s natural, there’s very few reasons not to give CBD oil a try, but first you have to determine the best ingestion method for you.

Consumers use vaping, tinctures, drinks, and food products to take in CBD. Each means of consumption has distinct advantages, but there are many reasons edibles stand out as a great way to consume your CBD.

1. Privacy and Convenience

CBD edibles are an excellent choice for those seeking discretion and convenience, especially when compared to the vaping method. Edibles give you the ability to pull out a gummy or other type of snack infused with CBD whenever and wherever you want to.

2. Effects That Last

Another aspect to consider when choosing how to consume CBD is how long its benefits last. The different ways of taking CBD offer varying durations of effectiveness, and edibles are among the longest lasting of the bunch, staying in your system for up to several hours. Vaping, on the other hand, typically lasts only a couple of hours. You would need to take multiple hits throughout the day to equal the effects of edibles.

3. Lots of Options

Variety is yet another advantage of edible CBD products. Commonly available choices include gummy and chocolate candies, cookies and brownies, savory snacks, and even diet-friendly treats. If none of the many selections whet your appetite, you can use CBD concentrates or crystals to make your own edibles. That gives you the added benefit of full control over dosage.

Whether you’re a first-timer weighing consumption options or a seasoned CBD vaper seeking alternatives, edibles are an excellent choice.

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