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5 Reasons Water-Soluble CBD is Better

One of the most recent developments in the CBD market is water-soluble CBD. You’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of water-soluble CBD products on the market recently and I’m certain you must have been having a plethora of questions in mind: “How is water-soluble CBD made possible when oil and water cannot mix?” “When compared to Oil CBD, does water-soluble CBD have any extra advantages?”.

To answer these questions and more, let’s take a quick look at how Water-Soluble CBD has formed : Nanotechnology, that’s the keyword; the science and engineering involved in the synthesis, design, characterization, and application of materials in their lowest functional organization on the nanoscale scale, is used to create water-soluble CBD.

This “nanotechnology”, in layman’s terms, employs soundwaves to break down cannabidiol clusters into very small particles—less than 100 nanometres in size (small enough for your body to absorb, resulting in considerably increased absorption into your body cells.)

How is Water-Soluble CBD better than Oil CBD?

Water-Soluble CBD, in comparison to Oil CBD has the following advantages:

• Ease of Use

Water-Soluble CBD is quite simple to include into your regular routine. This CBD formulation is flavorless because it dissolves in normal water. Given that some people find Oil CBD tinctures, sprays to be unpleasant, Water-Soluble CBD is the perfect alternative.

Consider the possibilities of CBD that is water soluble. Imagine what more you can do with it if you can add it to something as simple as water.

• Improved Absorption

When it comes to CBD and other supplements, the concept of bioavailability is crucial. You might be wondering what bioavailability is. The bioavailability of a drug refers to how well it may be absorbed and processed by your body. When a chemical has a poor bioavailability, it means that your body can’t use much of it.

Some CBD products, particularly edibles and Oil CBD, have a somewhat poor bioavailability. Consider this: your body must first digest the consumable before it can absorb the CBD. This is why absorption rates are affected by other body processes like as metabolism. Furthermore, it has been discovered that taking CBD orally allows you to feel the effects the quickest.

With the knowledge that 60% of our bodies are made up of water, CBD products that are water-soluble operate with your body rather than against it. The higher the bioavailability, the more of it makes it into your system. As a result, the greater the therapeutic effects it would provide.

• Cost-Effectiveness

How can you save money by opting for water-soluble CBD? It all comes back to the bioavailability part we discussed earlier. Purchasing a single CBD product to meet your needs is not only cost-effective, but it may also be enjoyable.

To keep things interesting, you can get inventive with Water-Soluble CBD given that if you’re rushed for time in the morning for example, you can have the bottle on hand and add CBD as a finishing touch to your gourmet coffee or tea on the go; and if you don’t want to carry about a bottle, single-serve sachets of water-soluble CBD are also available.

• Better Convenience

When it comes in tablet or capsule form, CBD water-soluble is especially useful. CBD capsules using normal CBD oil have a low bioavailability; a large portion of the CBD is lost during digestion. Not so much when CBD water-soluble, which has a high bioavailability, fills the capsule.

Taking CBD in tablet form is unobtrusive and handy. Do you wish to fly with your CBD capsules in your carry-on luggage? It’s quite simple. Do you want to take your CBD out in public with little to no stares or attention from strangers? Very easy.

• Better Taste

Although Water-soluble CBD and Oil CBD can both be taken orally, Oil CBD has an earthy flavor that some people may not like. Water-Soluble CBD however doesn’t always taste like hemp, and it most time come in fruity tastes.

We use all-natural flavoring (essential oils)for all of our Water-Soluble CBD tinctures

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