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CBD Topicals have sprouted a ton of interest in the past year since CBD has become more available throughout the United States. 

Achy muscles? Sore Joints? Back is stiff from golfing or hiking? Whatever your ache or pain may be, applying a topical has been winning over the general public to pursue a healthy alternative for pain management than resorting to most over-the-counter products. 

Some of the popular options for CBD topicals on the market today are creams, gels, and salves. 

So, how do you know which CBD topical will work best for you? 

First, let us break down each of the options above. 

Cream: A moisturizing lotion infused with CBD to relieve inflammation and pain when applied to a localized area on the body. 

Gel: A cooling aloe-based gel infused with CBD, it is fast-acting and brings soothing comfort to any muscle soreness, arthritis, or achy joints.

Salve: A body balm that combines over 21 essential oils with CBD to spread evenly across your skin that fights against inflammation and pain.

When choosing the right CBD topical, it will usually come down to a preference of feel as well as scent. Have you ever smelt a CBD topical and have been immediately taken-back because it was skunky or just had a strong aroma overall? 

Some people will prefer a lighter scented option or even something that doesn’t smell so “cannabis-y” so that they can feel comfortable wearing it out in public. 

Aside from the scent, most shoppers prefer the moisturizing and calming feel of a soothing CBD pain cream or salve versus those living an active lifestyle feel that the CBD Gel options are the best because it won’t interfere with their grip of a golf club, softball bat, or paddle. 

Another great addition to a topical is a CBD Tincture, CBD Gel cap, or CBD Edible. They pair well with each other to not only balance discomfort or stress externally but internally as well. 

At the end of the day, the CBD topical that you want to choose will be helpful for what you are looking to target. Although, this is not a guarantee that it is meant to fix everything you want, because not every product will work perfectly. We are all different and we all process cannabinoids differently. 

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