How Terpenes Can Enhance Your Experience with CBD Oil ­­­

What Are Terpenes? Have you ever wondered where the plants around us get their aroma, how each cannabis strain has a unique scent, or how the food you eat has flavor? A lot of what is attributed to those scents are terpenes or terpenoids. Terpenes are naturally occurring fragrant molecules that give plants, trees, soil, […]

Three Incredible CBD Edible Benefits

You’ve probably heard everyone from celebrity podcasters to your next-door neighbor extolling the wonders of CBD oil, the supplement that gives you all the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive THC. Since it’s natural, there’s very few reasons not to give CBD oil a try, but first you have to determine the best ingestion method […]

Water Soluble or Oil-Based: Which Type of CBD Is Right for You?

It’s no secret that CBD is one of the most popular botanicals on the planet – and with the health benefits it has to offer, why wouldn’t it be? Adding CBD to your health routine is a great way to support your mind and body, but which type is best for you? Here’s a quick […]

4 Reasons to Try CBD Products Today

4 Reasons to Try CBD Products Today There is no denying it: the CBD phenomenon has swept across the country in record time. By all industry accounts, CBD products are here to stay. The average person, though, still knows relatively little about CBD and its potential health and wellness benefits. For example, many people are […]

How to Be a Smart CBD Shopper

If you’re new to the CBD market, you might be overwhelmed by all the choices out there. CBD products and companies selling them have cropped up all over the Internet, and it’s getting easier to buy CBD in brick-and-mortar stores. While the growth of CBD provides exciting options for consumers, it’s important to choose your […]